5 fantastic illustrations of product packaging

The science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use are described as product packaging.

However, we are accustomed to seeing ordinary packaging designs on a daily basis and we fail to appreciate the labour of love that went into making them. Even the most basic milk package that is currently in your refrigerator took several hours or even days to reach its final product design stage.

Strangely, since most consumers base their purchasing decisions on a product’s packaging, innovative packaging can sometimes be more expensive than the actual product. The best item in a lame package would ultimately lose out to almost any average item packaged in a fancy package with a clever design.

Let’s take notes from the inventive product packet and gift packaging examples below :

1. Shoelace box

German design firm Thjnk extended shoe laces for Görtz shoes to create the illusion that you are holding the shoes in your hands.

product packaging design for Götz shoes

2. Nike Air

Another German advertising firm, Scholz & Friends, out did itself with this fantastic Nike product packaging design. What better means of defence for your Nike Air than air? This product enables customers to see the product and demonstrates why it is fantastic and amazing!

packaging for Nike Air

3. Origami tea bags

Here, the product itself has a great design, more so than the packaging. These tea bags are made to resemble birds, which is sure to impress your guests. It was made by Russian designer Nathalia Ponomareva.

design for tea

4. Thelma’s product packaging design

The best possible packaging for a company that delivers warm cookies. As part of the global branding for their client Thelma’s, creative agency Saturday Mfg created these incredible packages with a stove.


5. Sony Walkman

Do you make any waterproof claims for your products? Why not put it in water as a proof-of-concept? Sony did exactly that for its walkman, and the outcome is amazing. through Engadget.


Choose the ideal packaging style — Don’t be averse to taking a chance as you investigate the various packaging options offered today!

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